The Art of Teaching - adapted from The Art of War by Sun Tzu

The Art of War is an ancient manuscript wrote by Chinese military genius, Sun Tzu. In this modern day, the wisdom of The Art of War are still relevant. It is adapted in sport, politics and business. I have read and make some research on The Art of War and found it also can be adapt in teaching. Here are some quotes in so call  The Art of Teaching -adapted from The Art of War.

-Education is the matter of past and future. If students understand it, they always ready to learn.

-The way a wise teacher achieves greatness beyond ordinary men is through foreknowledge

-Know your students and know yourself, in every class you will be the super teacher

-If the orders are unclear, is the fault of the teacher. But if the orders are clear and not followed by students,

  they need intervention

-It is more important to outthink your students than outfight them. Tactic and strategy are crucial in teaching.

-The winning teacher see the aim first, then teach. The loosing teacher teach first then seek for the objectives.

-Do not teach when you are at the lower ground. Teacher should be at the higher ground or at least at the common ground with the students.


  1. teacher's plan an important role to win students attention and interest.kan?